57-year-old male prisoner stopped from committing suicide by hanging himself at Stanley Prison yesterday


23rd May 2020 – (Hong Kong) Correctional officer stopped a 57-year-old male remand person in custody from committing suicide by hanging at Stanley Prison yesterday.

At 8.51pm yesterday, a correctional officer found the remand person in custody committed suicide by hanging with a bedsheet tied to the window grille bars of his cell. The officer immediately called for reinforcement and provided first aid treatment to him. The person in custody was found unconscious at that moment and was subsequently sent to a public hospital for further treatment. The case has been reported to the Police. 

  A spokesman for the Correctional Services Department said, “The department uses all possible measures to prevent person in custody from attempting suicide or self-harm. These measures include administrative arrangements, the improvement of institution facilities, staff training and first aid services.”

 The person in custody was remanded for the offence of trafficking in a dangerous drug in October 2019.