57-year-old former actress Joey Wong amazes netizens with apparent baby bump

    Joey Wong

    11th June 2024 – (Vancouver) Former Taiwanese actress Joey Wong, known for her iconic role as a beautiful ghost in the 1987 film “A Chinese Ghost Story,” has recently sparked rumours of pregnancy. Wong, who is now 57 years old and has been residing in Canada, has been focusing on her Buddhist studies and occasionally attends religious events where she has been spotted by fans.

    A video clip circulating online shows Wong in what appears to be Vancouver, where she is seen with a protruding belly resembling that of a pregnant woman. Netizens expressed surprise at Wong’s visible baby bump, with some speculating that she might be expecting. However, despite the unexpected physical appearance, Wong’s timeless elegance still shines through.

    Opinions regarding Wong’s alleged pregnancy are divided, with some attributing her appearance to posture and clothing choices. Nevertheless, the actress’s fans continue to show their support, emphasising that Wong is still impeccable and thanking her for her contributions to the entertainment industry.