56-year-old businessman sentenced to 15 months in prison for causing the death of female friend in speedboat incident in Sai Kung


25th November 2022 – (Hong Kong) On 19th October 2019, a 56-year-old businessman, Tung-po drove a speedboat named ‘Miss Conduct Junior’ with his friends and children’s classmates to Big Wave Bay, Sai Kung, but encountered huge waves during the period. As the businessman thought that there might be a danger of capsizing, he ignored the fact that his 52-year-old female friend who fell from the speedboat was still in the water. He started the engine and as a result, the propeller hit the victim and she was seriously injured and died. Afterwards, in order to cover up that the speedboat was overloaded with more than 11 passengers, the businessman then incited five relatives and friends on the same boat to falsely report to the police that there were only 11 passengers on board. The businessman was charged with 7 counts of crimes.

He admitted to 1 count of violating conditions and restrictions and 5 counts of inciting others to mislead the police in the District Court, but denied 1 count of endangering the safety of others at sea. He was also convicted after trial. The judge pointed out today (25th) that the defendant denied that his behaviour caused the accident, and he could not ask for a reduction in sentence on the grounds that the death of a friend caused grief to her family. After consideration, he was sentenced to 15 months in prison and fined 7,000 Hong Kong dollars.