53-year-old Hong Kong actor Louis Koo celebrates 30 years in the industry with fans at KITEC


    20th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) Louis Koo, recently marked his 30th anniversary in the entertainment industry with a special celebration during the Lunar New Year period. The event took place at the Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Centre, where Koo took the opportunity to greet his fans and extend his New Year wishes. The star-studded party not only featured several artists from Koo’s company but also saw the presence of his long-time friend and collaborator, Jessica Hester Hsuan.

    Earlier in January, there was a controversial article circulating on mainland Chinese social media platforms with the headline: “Louis Koo’s Unexpected Confession of Love to Jessica Hsuan! 28 Years of Friendship Blossoms into Romance! Congratulations!” The article’s thumbnail image featured the words “Love You Not Only in This Lifetime” alongside a photo of Koo and Hsuan together. This further fueled speculation surrounding their alleged romantic involvement, leaving many amused and perplexed by the ongoing rumours.

    During the celebration, Koo made a public declaration, which caught the attention of fans present at the event. He openly expressed, “Whether or not Jessica signs with my company, she will always be family to me.” This heartfelt statement not only confirmed their deep bond but also indicated that their relationship has surpassed mere friendship. Koo and Hsuan first crossed paths in 1994 while working together on the drama series “Class of Distinction.” Throughout the years, their friendship has remained strong. At the event, Hsuan stood by Koo’s side like a gracious hostess, further emphasising their close connection.

    Fans who attended the celebration eagerly shared snippets of the event on social media platforms. In the videos, Koo could be seen performing three of his classic hits, showcasing his versatility as not just an actor but also a talented singer. He expressed his joy at the opportunity to meet everyone and extended his wishes for good health and well-being.