52-year-old woman charged with murder of her husband in Tai Po tragedy, case to appear at Fanling Magistrates’ Courts tomorrow


11th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) The police have laid a holding charge of murder against a 52-year-old woman surnamed Law. The arrest comes in connection with a tragic incident that occurred in Tai Po on 9th December, resulting in the death of a 62-year-old man named Chung.

The murder took place at Chai Kek Village in Tai Po, where the lifeless body of Chung was discovered suffocated by bedding. It was the deceased’s nephew who made the grim discovery when he went to his uncle’s village house in search of him. However, his aunt, the suspect, refused to open the door, raising suspicions. Concerned for his uncle’s welfare, the nephew promptly reported the incident to the authorities, leading to this disturbing revelation.

The case will be brought before the Fanling Magistrates’ Courts tomorrow morning, where further details of the investigation are expected to be presented.

Earlier today, the police returned to Chai Kek Village at approximately 1pm to reconstruct the crime scene. The village house, central to the investigation, remained cordoned off, and a substantial number of investigators were present to meticulously recreate the events. Detectives were observed using white cardboard props to simulate the bedding involved in the tragedy. At 1.05pm, a white seven-seater Honda vehicle arrived, carrying the suspect and forensic personnel. Equipped with recording equipment, they documented the proceedings. The suspect, her hands handcuffed and bound by a waist chain, wore a hood and moved slowly and cautiously with a slight hunch. Accompanied by two detectives, she was supported as she entered the unit of the village house under investigation.

The nephew, who resides overseas, had maintained regular contact with his uncle, Mr. Chung, prior to losing contact recently. Upon returning to Hong Kong, he decided to visit his uncle’s residence, which led to a confrontation with his aunt. The refusal to open the door coupled with the unusual cleanliness of the corrugated iron house aroused his suspicion. It was this suspicion that prompted him to contact the police, ultimately revealing the shocking crime scene.