51-year-old Malaysian man stabs 71-year-old man to death after seeing him with his wife in car together


1st December 2022 – (Kangar) A 51-year-old Malaysian man saw his 45-year-old wife and a 71-year-old man in the car together. Suspecting that the two were having an affair, he stabbed the elderly man man with a knife who then died of his injuries. The husband was detained for murder, and it was reported that the wife had been in contact with the elderly man man for 5 times. The incident happened last Friday (25th November) at 6pm in the parking lot of a supermarket in the Kangar town of Perlis.

The elderly man’s right lung, thigh, and right shoulder were stabbed and seriously injured. The woman immediately sent him to the hospital for emergency treatment. Unfortunately, the elderly man man died of his injuries the same night after 5 hours of rescue. After receiving the report, the police arrived to arrest the husband. The police also seized the victim’s vehicle, four mobile phones, blood-stained clothes belonging to the suspect and receipts for purchasing sharp weapons. According to reports, the woman has been dating the old man for 5 months.