51-year-old Hong Kong singer Eric Suen makes rare return to TVB drama after years of development as an influencer

    Eric Suen

    8th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Renowned Hong Kong singer Eric Suen, who is now 51 years old, has spent several years expanding his career in mainland China and transitioning from a singer to an influencer. Recently, he made a rare return to Hong Kong to film a drama series for TVB, marking a significant occasion in his career.

    Surprisingly, while Suen was on his concert tour in mainland China, he openly solicited support from netizens for promotion. He shared a video clip of his singing performance and humbly revealed that he had no budget for advertising. He pleaded, “Could you help me spread the word? Because I have no advertising budget left, all the money has been put into production! I will definitely give 1000% effort to repay everyone! Thank you for your support.” His request received significant backing from numerous netizens.

    In his earlier years, Suen signed a lucrative contract with the popular Chinese live-streaming platform “Huya” for over 50 million Hong Kong dollars as a host, earning a seven-digit income in just two hours. His financial prowess was undeniable. In recent years, he has resided in a luxurious independent house with a private garden, savouring the pleasures of life. He even once transferred 5,201,314 Chinese yuan (approximately 5.3 million Hong Kong dollars) to his wife Macy Chan to delight her, showcasing his abundant wealth and affection.