51-year-old Filipino worker crushed to death by elevator door during maintenance at Wynn Palace Hotel in Macao

Wynn Palace Hotel

11th August 2022 – (Macao) A serious work accident occurred in Macao. A Filipino maintenance worker was crushed in the head by the elevator door during work and died instantly. The local police announced today (11th) that at around 7am, a 51-year-old Filipino maintenance worker at the Wynn Palace Hotel, Av. da Nave Desportiva, MO Avenida Da Nave Desportiva Cotai was conducting regular inspections for the elevator when he was suspected of being crushed while operating a motorised planter.

At that time, the deceased was at the bottom of the motor planter in the basement 2 floor and he informed a colleague on the basement 1 floor through the walkie-talkie to start the rotation of the motor planter in order to check whether the mechanism was faulty. During the period, the deceased’s colleague said that he heard a sound and he pressed the stop machine. He then called the deceased several times through the walkie-talkie, but there was no response, so he went to check on the victim who was in a coma. He immediately notified his superiors and called the police for help. After the body was examined, except for a fractured head, no other suspicious wounds were found. As the incident involved an industrial accident, the authorities have notified the Labour Bureau to send staff to the scene to follow up.