Police arrest 5 men and women who provide radio communication equipment and disseminate police information to protesters


1st January 2020 – (Hong Kong) Police busted a syndicate which provided radio communication equipment to protesters before the rally today. A total of 5 core members including 3 men and 2 women aged between 25-68 years old were arrested. They were bankers, retail staff, engineer and retiree respectively.

Police found out that during the past protests held on 1st & 31st October and 17th November there were protesters who used radio communication illegally. Information on police strategies, total number of police officers and their location were relayed via radio communication on a regular basis. 2 of the suspects were in charge of setting up the wireless communication network while 2 other female suspects were responsible for relaying messages. The remaining suspect was tasked with deploying the walkie-talkie devices to frontline radicals.

Police arrested the 3 men and 2 women in Happy Valley, Sau Mau Ping and TST respectively at 12.45pm today. Police also found a replica gun, 4 axes, 7 knives and 2 bullet-proof vests in one of the suspects’ home. Police will continue to arrest more people who are allegedly linked to them.