50-year-old man diagnosed with acute liver failure passes away after Tuen Mun Hospital allegedly failed to treat him


29th November 2021 – (Hong Kong) A 50-year-old HK-mainland cross-border driver started living in the Mainland six months ago. In August, he was diagnosed with acute liver failure in Huizhou and Guangzhou due to abdominal pain. He immediately called an ambulance and sent him back to Hong Kong for treatment. He arrived at 1.16pm at Tuen Mun Hospital on 17th August. At that time, his blood pressure was normal and he was conscious. The discharge record of the Guangzhou Hospital he held indicated that he was in critical condition, and he could suffer from hepatic coma, loss of consciousness, breathing difficulties and suspension of heartbeat at any time.

The Accident and Emergency Department of Tuen Mun Hospital then asked the patient to wait for the results of COVID-19 virus test, but he was not placed in the ward after waiting for 7 hours and he was not treated immediately.

The hospital classified him as an emergency case and sent him to the 9A independent consultation room initially with no negative pressure system. The nurse then set up an iPad video system about 1 metre away from the foot of the bed to observe his condition remotely. The nurse did not allow family members to enter the ward on the grounds of the epidemic. While awaiting admission to ward, medical staff entered the consultation room at 2.09pm and 2.45pm respectively to obtain medical reports from mainland hospitals and arranged ECG, blood glucose, hemoglobin, and X-ray examinations for the patient. At 3.15pm in the afternoon, Wong completed his tests but no medical staff had entered Room 9A subsequently. Wong’s brother-in-law, accompanied him all the way. Since he was admitted to the hospital, he had instructed medical staff to drain Wong’s ascites from his body. He witnessed Wong’s severe abdominal distension and painful symptoms. The nurse said that she would wait for the results of COVID-19 test and would arrange for treatment as soon as possible. No one was sent to inspect his condition and arrange drainage of ascites later.

It was not until his family members found that his limbs were stiff and his body had turned cold, they realised that he had passed away.

His family members questioned the hospital’s serious negligence, which resulted in the death of the patient and they demanded compensation and publicly explained the results of the investigation.

The deceased Wong, 55 years old, suffered from diabetes and high blood pressure before his death. He went to Huizhou in early June to accompany his wife from the Mainland to deliver their baby in mid-July, and he had stayed in the Mainland since then. Until August, he went to Huizhou and Guangzhou for medical treatment due to abdominal pain. He was initially diagnosed with acute liver failure and had to drain ascites due to abdominal distension. He then decided to return to Hong Kong for treatment on 17th August in order to recover earlier and take care of his wife and newborn son.