50-year-old Hong Kong singer Miriam Yeung shines in unedited photos

    Miriam Yeung

    24th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) Miriam Yeung, has been making waves in mainland China, captivating audiences with her unwavering popularity. Despite her age, the 50-year-old star shows no signs of slowing down, embarking on a relentless schedule of commercial performances and events across the country. However, it was a recent encounter that caught the attention of netizens on the popular Chinese social media platform Xiaohongshu, where one user exposed the behind-the-scenes rules of celebrity photoshoots and praised Yeung for breaking the rule.

    The netizen wrote, “As someone who grew up watching Hong Kong dramas, I have always had a soft spot for Hong Kong and Taiwanese artists. Yesterday, I attended an event for a certain brand and had the chance to take a photo with Miriam Yeung. To my surprise, when I received the photo this morning, it was the original, unedited version! You see, whenever we have a brand-arranged photo with artists, even the least famous ones are heavily edited before being given to us. And they rarely give us photos where the artists don’t look their best. But Miriam Yeung gave me the unedited version, and it’s just too adorable! So, I decided not to retouch it either. The photo in question showcased Yeung in a stunning red low-cut dress, accentuating her ample bosom and enchanting collarbone. With minimal makeup and a radiant complexion, she looked absolutely flawless, defying her 50 years with impeccable care and beauty. Netizens flooded the comments section, praising Yeung’s flawless skin and her genuine character.