50-year-old HK actor Takeshi Kaneshiro sparks speculation of marriage with Japanese anchorwoman Noriko Baba

    Takeshi Kaneshiro (left) and Noriko Baba (right).

    28th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) Takeshi Kaneshiro, the 50-year-old Taiwanese-Japanese actor known for his low-profile nature, has reportedly tied the knot in Japan. Rumours suggest that his alleged bride is Noriko Baba, a 49-year-old Japanese anchorwoman. The news quickly ignited a heated discussion among Japanese netizens, but the management agency representing Baba has denied the speculation.

    According to a report by “NEWS POST SEVEN,” the rumours surrounding Kaneshiro’s marriage originated from an entry on his Japanese Wikipedia page, which stated that he had announced his marriage to anchorwoman Noriko Baba on Valentine’s Day, 14th February, 2024. This revelation swiftly spread across various social media platforms, generating significant buzz. Noriko Baba, a graduate of Waseda University, previously worked as a news anchor for seven years at a prominent Japanese television network. She later transitioned into an independent anchorwoman and currently holds the position of professor in the Broadcasting Department at Osaka University of Arts.

    In response to the swirling rumours about Kaneshiro’s marriage, Baba’s management agency firmly stated, “She has not reported any such news, nor has she gotten married. Furthermore, she is unlikely to have ever met Takeshi Kaneshiro.” The disputed passage on Kaneshiro’s Japanese Wikipedia page has since been removed.