5 year old boy who was struck by a falling window dies in Shenzhen


17th June 2019 – (Shenzhen) A 5 year old boy who was struck by a falling window passed away yesterday at 5.12am. Medical team failed to save him after 3 attempts.

On 13th June, the deceased passed by a fruit store during a heavy storm and a window plummeted from 20th floor of an apartment above. The window struck the boy’s head directly resulting in severe injuries. He was rushed to Shenzhen Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital before being put on life support as his condition was critical. At 9pm on the same day, doctors told the parents that he would go into persistent vegetative state and advised them to be mentally prepared.

At 9.30am yesterday, the boy’s body was removed from pediatric intensive care unit before being sent to mortuary. The building management responsible for the incident settled the entire hospital bill of HK$96,478.

Police confirmed that the window fell from a rented unit occupied by a couple. Preliminary investigations revealed that the window frame fell accidentally. Shenzhen Building authority has already sent officials to inspect all windows around the area to ensure they are secured