5 security guards from MOSTown in Ma On Shan arrested for obstructing riot police on 7th October


9th October 2019 – (Hong Kong) Police arrested 3 male and 2 female security guards form MOSTown today for obstructing riot police in carrying out their duties on 7th October at around 9pm. There were around 50 protesters who vandalised Ma On Shan MTR station before running into MOSTown. The five security guards were arrested today as a result.

According to Cap. 232 Police Force Ordinance, police officers are allowed to enter into the premises to conduct searches and arrests. Many netizens have called upon others to go to the mall tonight to show solidarity for the arrested security guards.

The security guards attempted to stop riot police from entering the mall on 7th October.

However, according to the latest announcement by the management, if there is a public event taking place in the evening, the mall will suspend their business at 7pm to safeguard the interest of customers and staff.