5 reasons to use VPN


    25th August 2021 – (Hong Kong) The modern-day internet is eroding personal privacy at a significant rate. Large corporations are selling data for advertising purposes, while hackers can steal data for malicious purposes, while some governments are spying on their citizens more than ever.

    Therefore, it is more important than ever to keep your details safe while browsing and a VPN can help to keep your life from becoming an open book. Indeed, statistics show that more and more people are adopting VPN to protect their privacy. As per a study report, the VPN industry is going to reach US$31.1 billion in 2021, Statista reports.

    Safety and security

    One of the primary reasons people use VPN is because of its safety features. It offers an encrypted tunnel to transfer data to and from the device and the host website. With this, you can eliminate the chances of someone snooping or spying on your data. Even your internet service provider might track your activities or data.

    No matter if you are surfing the internet for entertainment purposes or to use it for sharing important information and files, all things are end-to-end encrypted with a VPN. Hence, you will not have to worry about cybercriminals or hackers.

    Breaking Geo-Restrictions

    The internet offers endless entertainment.

    However, not everybody can access everything. There is content on the internet that is geo-restricted. It means that content is available just for users living in specific geographical locations, and its access is denied to users from different parts of the world. It is often useful to unblock the geo-restrictions on movies or TV shows.

    VPN lets its users go beyond geo-restrictions and surf the internet from various parts of the world through its remote servers. Thus, you can access entertainment channels and sites that might not be accessible in your region.

    Streaming without Your ISP Slowing You Down

    Streaming sites, such as Netflix or YouTube, means more internet bandwidth usage.

    In 2018, it was reported that Netflix is using 15% of the global internet traffic. In the last few years, the number has only increased. The streaming apps use so much internet bandwidth that ISPs tend to throttle the connection speed for cutting back on the usage. Thus, you notice a drop in the connection speed.

    The problem with bandwidth throttling and connection is so widespread that Netflix has an ISP Speed Index that you can use for checking ISP connection performance. In case you would like to watch streaming sites without buffering or outages, VPN is a good way to go. With a VPN, your traffic will be encrypted. Hence, it defies this kind of analysis

    So, speed throttling can be avoided.

    Public Wi-Fi Security

    Several places provide you with free access to Wi-Fi, including hotels, schools, airports, coffee shops, and libraries. Many people use these wireless hotspots for checking email that requires your username, password, and other sensitive details.

    However, it is not difficult for hackers to intercept wireless network traffic. Routers at home have a password and also use encryption protocols for keeping data secure. Nevertheless, public wireless hotspots are going to offer open access to all and sundry. It either uses no password or a shared password in many cases.

    In case you are on an insecure Wi-Fi network, it is better to use a VPN for encrypting the traffic. This means, even if the connection is intercepted, the data will be scrambled. So, it cannot be deciphered. VPN offers a secure tunnel for all your online activities and will protect your identity when you use public Wi-Fi.

    Complete Anonymity

    When you use a VPN, it will preserve your anonymity. It lets the users explore the internet from various server locations. Thus, your IP address location seems to come from that server. So, your identity and location remain anonymous while browsing the internet. The anonymity helps in protecting you from cyber-attacks, as no one will be able to track you using your personal details.

    Even when you land on a malicious site, the VPN is going to protect your identity.


    There are dozens of VPN services out there, but not all are the same. You might think of using a free one, but that can be a mistake. This is because most of them can sell your data to third parties for compensation. So, make sure you get a reputable and reliable VPN to enjoy all its enumerated benefits.