5 new imported COVID-19 cases reported in Hong Kong today and one local preliminary case, residents at units 10 and 12 of Luk Chuen House sent to quarantine centre (Updated: 7.55pm)


4th June 2020 – (Hong Kong) A cluster outbreak of COVID-19 occurred at Luk Chuen House, Lek Yuen Estate in Sha Tin. Six residents have been tested positive up to yesterday.

Dr.Chuang Shuk-kwan from Centre of Health Protection announced at the 4.30pm media briefing that there are a total of 5 imported cases of COVID-19 today involving returnees from Bangladesh and one local preliminary case today. All five new patients are males aged 15-53 who returned to Hong Kong from Bangladesh via Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 2 of them are father and son. The five of them went to Bangladesh between January and March. Total tally increased to 1,099.

Another 72-year-old man who lives with his wife and his daughter at Unit 12 of Luk Chuen House tested positive in preliminary diagnosis today and he is currently being treated in isolation at Prince of Wales Hospital. He developed fever and was sent to the emergency ward this morning. Both his wife and daughter have not developed any symptoms. According to sources, some of the patients who tested positive live at Units 10 and 12 of the same block. The sewage pipes of both units are connected. Officials from the Department of Health have requested all the residents in units 10 and 12 of the apartment to be sent to quarantine centre. At least 10 households in the same apartment have not been contacted and the Department of Health is collaborating with the police to trace them.

Meanwhile, the CHP has been proactively conducting epidemiological investigations and carrying out preventive control measures about the cluster in Luk Chuen House, Lek Yuen Estate. In view of the latest information of the cluster involving residents in Luk Chuen House, that five of the confirmed cases reside at either the “10” and “12” units, Government experts considered that the possibility that the emergence of the cases was due to pipe issues of the units concerned cannot be ruled out at this stage. The CHP thus decided to carry out prudent measures on infection controls and the DH will evacuate all asymptomatic residents of the “10” and “12” units of the whole block by issuing quarantine orders and transferring them to a quarantine centre. Symptomatic residents will be sent to the hospital for isolation. After that, relevant government departments will conduct a thorough inspection into the units.

As of 4pm today, 1,281 deep throat saliva samples had been collected in Luk Chuen House, Lek Yuen Estate, among which 26 samples need to be collected again owing to leakage, while 1,255 samples have had testing for COVID-19 completed. Except for the four confirmed cases announced on 2nd June with positive results, other samples have tested negative.

The CHP is also following up with the residents in Luk Chuen House who have not yet returned their deep throat saliva samples. As of 4pm today, the CHP still cannot get in touch with six units of relevant residents. The CHP strongly appeals to them to contact the CHP personnel and return their samples to the CHP as soon as possible for early testing. The CHP will arrange compulsory testing for those who do not return their samples.

Meanwhile, as of 4pm today, the CHP had collected and tested 1,978 samples for Luen Yuet House, Kwai Luen Estate, with no positive results.

As at noon today,, three COVID-19 confirmed patients (case numbers: 461, 1047 and 1065) were discharged from hospital in the past 24 hours. So far, a total of 1,042 patients with confirmed or probable infection have been discharged.

At present, there are 651 negative pressure rooms in public hospitals with 1,211 negative pressure beds activated. A total of 48 confirmed patients are currently hospitalised in 10 hospitals, among which two patients are in critical condition (case numbers: 595 and 1084), and the remaining 46 patients are in stable condition.