5 male customers mocked by netizens after spending HK$79 in single bill on limited-time offer HK$1 fresh abalone chicken pot for supper at Mong Kok restaurant


8th August 2022 – (Hong Kong) A few days ago, Tao Heung Restaurant launched a limited-time offer HK$1 fresh abalone chicken pot for supper. When 5 men visited one of its branches in Mong Kok on 5th August, they only ordered 2 pots and left after paying the bill. The total cost together with tea and other small bites came to around HK$79. The post has attracted heated discussions among netizens. Some netizens criticised the customers for being stingy while others think that the restaurant has already anticipated the relevant situation before offering the discount.

One of the 5 men pointed out that they originally planned to order another discounted soup for HK$28, but it was sold out when the order was placed, so they did not order any other food. Each of them paid only around HK$15.8.