5 foreign nationals in Brunei receive imprisonment and fines for immigration violations


23rd May 2024 – (Bandar Seri Begawan) The Immigration and National Registration Department (INRD) of Brunei Darussalam has announced the sentencing of five foreign nationals for immigration violations. According to the INRD, a 64-year-old Filipino has been sentenced to nine months in prison and fined 800 Brunei dollars (equivalent to 590 U.S. dollars) for overstaying. The individual failed to pay the fine, resulting in an extension of their imprisonment to 10 months. In a separate case, a 60-year-old Indian national has been sentenced to six months in prison for overstaying. Additionally, three Indonesians were arrested and sentenced, with a 50-year-old man receiving a final sentence of six months in prison, and the other two facing a two-year imprisonment and three whippings for their involvement in conspiring to assist the 50-year-old in leaving the country illegally.