4th floor of New Town Plaza flooded with hundreds of protestors again today while the management issues statement with regards to the Sunday incident


17th July 2019 – (Hong Kong) At around 6pm today, the Customer Service Centre on the 4th floor of New Town Plaza has suspended its counter service. There was no staff to be seen. After more than 500 people gathered at the 4th floor of the mall yesterday to demand explanation from the management as to why police were allowed to enter the building on Sunday, more than 200 protestors turned up again at the Customer Service Centre today. Many civilians were seen sticking memo on the walls and columns on the 4th floor effectively turning every wall space into a ‘LENNON WALL’

Picture credit : Instagram/@jackkwan14

At 8pm today, a man in red engaged in a physical brawl with another man in black while other passerby managed to separate them.

Many memos were directed at the police officers and Sun Hung Kai group which was described as traitor to Hong Kongers.
Picture credit : Instagram/@wongdull

Meanwhile, the management of New Town Plaza issued a statement on their Facebook at 7pm today. The management felt deeply sorry for the incident that took place at the mall on last Sunday. They reiterated that the management did not report to police nor requested for them to enter the premises. Police also did not inform the management of their intention to enter the mall.

New Town Plaza always gives priority to their customers and they will not compromise on the safety of their shoppers and tenants. If the management had known of the police’s intention to enter the mall, they would have warned shoppers and tenants to leave earlier. According to their title deed, all entrances and exits must be kept open for 24 hours and as we reported earlier. Furthermore, the ‘Commissioner of Police and his officers shall be allowed uninterrupted access in the pursuance of their lawful duties according to the title deed.’ (Click HERE for our earlier report on the title deed)

The management of New Town Plaza understood that the police had the right to carry out their duties but civilians’ safety should be prioritised. The management will further raise the safety issue with the police with regards to the incident on last Sunday.

Also, some mall staff were merely directing the riot police officers to Lucky Plaza on third floor of the mall on Sunday and they were not made aware of their presence beforehand.

The management would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the front line staff who worked relentlessly during the Sunday incident.