47-year-old Taiwanese star Jerry Yan’s unedited photos create a stir as netizens question his ageless image

    Jerry Yan

    22nd May 2024 – (Taipei) Taiwanese heartthrob Jerry Yan, widely recognized for his role as the dashing Daoming Si in the popular Taiwanese drama “Meteor Garden,” has long captivated audiences with his tall and handsome image. Even at the age of 47, Yan seems to have discovered the secret to defying the effects of time, as his appearance remains remarkably unchanged from his days on “Meteor Garden.” However, recent photos of the star taken during a public event have caused a stir among netizens, who claim that he is no match for the passage of years.

    Official photos from the event depict Yan in flawless condition, showcasing his timeless charm. Yet, it is the unedited candid snapshots, shared by netizens on Weibo, that have raised eyebrows and prompted discussions about his youthful facade. In these unfiltered images, Yan exhibits noticeable signs of aging, with visible laugh lines and blemishes, creating a discernible discrepancy when compared to the polished official pictures. Despite the disparity, Yan’s loyal fans rally behind him, asserting that his appearance is still impressive for a 47-year-old, looking considerably younger than his peers.