46-year-old Taiwanese actor Jerry Yan stuns fans with youthful appearance at public event

    Jerry Yan

    30th May 2023 – (Taipei) Jerry Yan, the Taiwanese actor, model, and singer, is known for his iconic role as Daoming Si in the Taiwanese dramas Meteor Garden and Meteor Garden II, as well as his former membership in the F4 boy band group. Despite his age of 46, he continues to maintain his popularity and has been active in various TV shows and dramas in mainland China. Recently, he attended a public event as a spokesperson, wearing a white shirt and looking as sharp as ever. A fan took a candid photo of him at the event, without any photo editing, and shared it online, leading to discussions about his youthful appearance.

    Jerry Yan appeared at the public event in a white shirt, complemented by his signature center-parted hairstyle and light makeup. He exuded charm and charisma with every move, responding to the enthusiastic audience with a warm smile. Despite his age, he still looks dashing and handsome, as seen in the candid photo posted online.

    Netizens praised Jerry Yan for being an “anti-aging icon,” with many commenting that he looks even more attractive as he grows older. They appreciated that he does not try to look younger than his age, yet still manages to be charming and charismatic. Some even shared their personal experiences of attending the event, saying that he looked incredible in person and had a youthful aura.

    Jerry Yan has had a high-profile relationship with model Lin Chi-ling for many years, with the two going back and forth between being together and breaking up. In 2017, Jerry admitted to reuniting with Lin, but this was neither confirmed nor denied by Lin. However, around a year later, Jerry refused to comment on their relationship, while Lin denied that they were dating.