45-year-old woman in critical condition with pulmonary embolism and brain haemorrhage after receiving hyaluronic acid injection in Shenzhen


2nd June 2023 – (Hong Kong) The Department of Health (DH) has launched an investigation into a case of pulmonary embolism after a woman received an injection of hyaluronic acid in the Mainland. The DH is reminding the public that such injections should only be administered by healthcare professionals.

The Hospital Authority notified the DH of the case on 2nd June. The patient, a 45-year-old woman with good past health, received an intravaginal injection of hyaluronic acid at a premises in Shenzhen on 30th May by an alleged non-healthcare personnel. Shortly after the injection, she developed palpitations, shortness of breath, and chest pain. She was admitted to a hospital in Shenzhen on the same day but discharged against medical advice.

On 31st May, she visited the Accident and Emergency Department of North District Hospital and was later transferred to the Intensive Care Unit of Princess Margaret Hospital where she was diagnosed with respiratory failure with pulmonary embolism and intracranial haemorrhage. She is currently in critical condition.

The DH is urging the public to exercise caution when considering hyaluronic acid injections and to only have the procedure performed by qualified healthcare professionals. Hyaluronic acid injections are commonly used for cosmetic purposes to reduce wrinkles and plump up the skin, but they can also be used for medical purposes such as treating joint pain.

The DH is continuing its investigation into this case, and anyone with information is urged to come forward. The department is also reminding healthcare professionals to adhere to best practices when administering injections and to report any adverse events to the DH.

In light of this incident, the DH is also reminding the public to be wary of unlicensed or unregulated practitioners who may offer cheap or quick-fix treatments that could potentially be harmful. The department is encouraging the public to always verify the credentials of any healthcare professional before undergoing any medical procedures.