45-year-old HK actress and ex-beauty queen Belinda Hamnett files for bankruptcy


    11th April 2021 – (Hong Kong) 45-year-old Belinda Hamnett, actress, model and ex-beauty queen filed for bankruptcy in recent months because she couldn’t repay her debts. It is reported that she filed a bankruptcy petition to the court in mid-January this year and she owed 6 figures. Belinda slipped and hit her nose in the bathroom 7 years ago resulting in a slight deformity. Her appearance was affected and her acting career was disrupted. She later retired from acting and moved to the beauty industry. Her income was comfortable in the beginning but in recent years, she had to bear the medical expenses of her mother who was suffering from thyroid disease and terminal lung cancer.

    After Belinda’s mother died of illness three years ago, she still had to repay a debt of up to HK$400,000. In addition, the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic last year caused a severe blow to the beauty salon business, and her income has been impacted. Even though she had cut down on food and clothing and shared a house with her friend, she still couldn’t make ends meet. She decided to file for bankruptcy. She also thanked many friends around her for their help. She now hopes to work hard to make money and pay off her debts as soon as possible. She revealed that she has around HK$200,000 left in her savings. In order to save money, she doesn’t even eat breakfast.

    Belinda Hamnett spent her childhood and teenage years in Singapore where her father was stationed. Her father is English and her mother is Chinese. Hamnett resided in Changieastern Singapore, where she was a student at Changkat Changi Secondary School. Hamnett attended Sunday school at St Hilda’s Church in Ceylon Road.

    Hamnett was awarded the title of Miss Asia in ATV‘s Miss Asia Pageant held in Hong Kong in 1997.

    In 2006, Hamnett revealed that she has overcome anorexia with the help of medical practitioners. Hamnett commented, “Although my body has not reached the stage the doctors approve of, but I am already very pleased. I am very happy at the moment.”