44-year-old TVB actress Kate Tsui emerges from five-year hiatus, fuelling speculation of a comeback

    Kate Tsui

    2nd March 2024 – (Hong Kong) Former TVB actress Kate Tsui, aged 44, has resurfaced after a five-year hiatus from the entertainment industry. Tsui made headlines in 2019 when she announced her departure from showbiz, selling her properties and vehicles before relocating to Europe. She even went as far as deactivating her social media accounts, effectively disappearing from the public eye. However, astute netizens recently discovered that Tsui’s social media user account, which she had initially created for promoting jewellery, still exists. Fans left messages on the account, and to their astonishment, Tsui personally responded. Although the account had ceased updates since 2017, Tsui’s recent action of liking a fan’s comment, which read, “Kate, many people miss you,” has sparked intense speculation and led to the belief that Tsui is paying attention to social media and may be considering a comeback.