44-year-old HK actress Bernice Liu continues her studies at INSEAD in France and plans to open a new cafe after shutting down her central kitchen business


    1st February 2023 – (Hong Kong) 44-year-old Hong Kong actress Bernice Liu went to University of British Columbia to complete her master’s degree earlier. She returned to the university at the end of last year to attend the graduation ceremony.

    Liu has dabbled in the catering business for many years. During her studies abroad, she took the opportunity to exchange business experience with senior executives of different nationalities. On the other hand, she reluctantly closed down the central kitchen in Hong Kong that she had invested for millions in for many years, and decided to open a cafe recently.

    In order to make a breakthrough in the catering business, Liu worked hard to get into INSEAD, a top school of business administration to study MBA. In the end, she was admitted as she wished, and spent 7-figure tuition fees to take a 17-month course. During the period, she went to France and Singapore respectively. She also visited Dubai, Israel, the United States, Brazil for field trips.

    She flew to France to attend classes at the end of last year. In her spare time, she gathers with others from time to time to exchange business experiences, and also takes advantage of school holidays to travel around. Earlier, she shared a beautiful picture of wearing a three-pointer to go to sea, and her life is freehand. Everything is going well in school, but his business has been hit hard by the epidemic. Although the bar she invested in made money last year, a COVID-19 breakout impacted the business and her income was affected. She still runs an online wine business and broadcasts live to talk about wines from time to time. She claimed that her sales are relatively stable.