44-year-old heartthrob Wu Chun goes unrecognised at Shanghai racetrack, netizens mistake him for Aaron Kwok

    Wu Chun

    22nd April 2024 – (Shanghai) Wu Chun, the 44-year-old Bruneian actor and singer, resembles a protagonist straight out of a comic book. Not only is he good-looking and wealthy, but he also devotes himself to his first love and is a loving husband and father. Wu Chun has maintained his stunning looks over the past 20 years since his debut with the “Fahrenheit” boyband, and he continues to maintain a fit and chiseled physique. He has become an object of admiration for women and envy for men.

    In recent years, Wu Chun has gained popularity and recognition in mainland China since relocating to Shanghai. However, during his recent appearance at the Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai, hardly anyone recognised him. A female netizen expressed her surprise on social media, saying, “No one recognised Wu Chun at the Shanghai F1??”

    Videos shared by female netizens on social platforms revealed Wu Chun wearing sunglasses and a simple yet stylish outfit consisting of a leather jacket and olive green cargo pants. Despite being surrounded by many people, it seemed that nobody recognized him. One of the female netizens asked her friend, “Is that Wu Chun?” and upon closer inspection, they exclaimed in astonishment, “It really is him!”

    Some netizens even mistook Wu Chun for Aaron Kwok, another famous actor. However, the female netizen who captured the video explained that she was filming from the second floor and lacked the energy to go down and take a photo. Other netizens praised Wu Chun, commenting, “It’s not easy for a man in his forties to maintain such good looks and a great physique. He stands out in a crowd,” “He used to be a pretty boy, but now he’s a stylish man,” “He’s undeniably handsome after all these years,” and “Such a refined man.” On the other hand, some netizens admitted they couldn’t recognise Wu Chun, stating, “I thought Aaron Kwok had grown taller,” and “He really did look like Aaron Kwok when he turned around.”