43-year-old Singaporean man charged with the murder of Audrey Fang in Spain


20th April 2024 – (Cieza) Mitchell Ong, a 43-year-old Singaporean, has been charged with the murder of fellow Singaporean Audrey Fang, who was found fatally stabbed in Spain. The suspect was brought before a Spanish court last Friday, according to reports from La Verdad de Murcia, a prominent Spanish news outlet.

Audrey Fang, 39, was discovered deceased with 30 stab wounds near a truck parking area in Abanilla on April 10. Ong was apprehended six days later in Alicante, suggesting a grim end to what was supposed to be a leisurely solo trip by the victim, who had arrived in Spain on April 4.

The connection between the victim and the accused appears to extend back several years. Reports indicate that the two knew each other well, and there might have been financial dealings involved, hinted at by a transaction Ms. Fang reportedly made to an unidentified third party. This has led investigators to consider an “economic motive” behind the murder, although the specifics of these financial interactions remain under scrutiny.

Spanish authorities, leveraging data from mobile phones, confirmed that both Ms. Fang’s and Ong’s devices were in Abanilla on the day she was killed. Initial investigations have ruled out sexual assault.

The grim discovery of Ms. Fang’s body came after she went missing post-8.45pm on 9th April from her hotel in Javea, a coastal town in Eastern Spain. Her belongings were found intact in her luxury accommodation, painting a disturbing picture of her last known hours. The body, located approximately 150 kilometres from Javea, was only identified on 17th April, adding to the tragic timeline.

A preliminary autopsy cited by La Verdad de Murcia confirmed that Ms. Fang suffered multiple knife wounds and head trauma, which were the causes of her death.

Following the identification, Ms. Fang’s family, who are currently in Cieza, have been dealing with the formalities and the profound grief of their loss. Their legal representative successfully petitioned for Ong to be held in custody as the investigation continues, with the court denying any bail to the suspect.

In addition to the arrest, Spain’s Civil Guard has been actively piecing together Ms. Fang’s last movements, including releasing footage of a vehicle believed to have picked her up on the fateful night, and footage of Ong being escorted to a hotel room under investigation.