43-year-old Hong Kong actress Bernice Liu attends graduation ceremony at University of British Columbia


    20th November 2022 – (Vancouver) Hong Kong actress Bernice Liu went to University of British Columbia to complete her master’s degree earlier. She returned to the university recently to attend the graduation ceremony. She posted many beautiful graduation photos on her Instagram account. Her family members and close friends also attended the ceremony and sent flowers to support her. She left a message on her Instagram post saying:

    “It’s been quite a journey… but I did it! 🎓

    U know who u are…
    Those that supported me, those that challenged me…
    Without the balance of love, life, & serendipitous events… I would not be who I am today.
    I know I still have a lot of things to learn, live, & experience… but am grateful for what Mr.G has gifted me with. There’s a reason for everything, and I try not to question anymore, but appreciate to the fullest all that has happened, is happening, and will happen.”

    She revealed that she was unable to show up at the graduation ceremony two years ago due to the epidemic, and now she is excited that her dream has finally come true. She said: “My parents are so happy to see that I have finally graduated. This time I even got to see my grandfather. Veteran actors Paul Chun and Michael Miu were also present and she was very excited. She has always loved studying, but she did not deny that she had to change her study plan because she participated in the beauty pageant during her younger days, and finally made up her mind to return to school in 2018.

    The Canadian born Hong Kong actress broke up with her second-generation rich boyfriend Calvin Lo several years ago. According to Wikipedia, Bernice Jan Liu (born 6th January, 1979) has previously held the title Miss Chinese Vancouver 2000 as well as Miss Chinese International 2001, the latter position bringing her fame in Hong Kong. Liu left Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) in 2011 to pursue a singing career.

    Bernice Liu and her parents