43-year-old Filipino man shot by police during handling of noise complaint case on Peng Chau, 3 injuries reported (Updated: 8.35am)


25th January 2023 – (Hong Kong) At around 11pm yesterday, 2 police officers were handling a noise complaint case at a unit located on the 2nd floor at 6, Wing On Street on Peng Chau. 2 Filipino men responded and opened the door.

During the period, a 43-year-old Filipino man became emotional and lost control to resist arrest by attacking a senior officer. He pushed then pushed the other officer down the stairs and continued to assault them. In response, the senior officer used pepper spray but to no avail before firing 3 shots at the suspect. All the shots injured the Filipino man. One of the bullets hit the left side near the abdomen of the suspect. During the commotion, two police officers were injured, and a large number of police officers surrounded the scene for investigation. According to sources, the injured Filipino man was taken to the Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital by a helicopter of the Government Flying Service while the 2 injured policemen were taken by another helicopter to the Wan Chai helipad before being sent to Ruttonjee Hospital for treatment.

Police found a bullet shell on the ground next to a bicycle. At around 5am today, a group of police officers arrived in Peng Chau on a marine police boat and went to the crime scene to assist in the search for the remaining bullet shells. According to sources, the two injured police officers left the hospital at 5am after being treated for their injuries, and returned to Peng Chau police post by marine police boat to assist in the investigation.

It is understood that there are 3 Filipinos living in the unit involved, and some neighbours pointed out that they were holding a party and noise nuisance in the unit was reported regularly. There were 4 men and 4 women in the unit last night. At around 8pm, a resident complained that the  residents in the unit were making noise. After the police officers arrived at the scene to persuade them, they became quiet for a while, but the noise repeated again two hours later. The police arrived again and one of them, the 43-year-old Filipino man attacked a senior officer  and pushed the other officer down the stairs without saying a word. Several bottles of whiskey and many beer bottles were left  in the unit. The police arrested the two Filipino men who are not residents at the above address, but live in Peng Chau. Both of them hold Hong Kong ID cards. One works as a technician on the golf course and the other runs a beauty shop. The other 2 men and 4 women in the unit were brought to the police station for investigation, and the case was handed over to the Regional Crime Squad of the Marine Police for follow-up.

According to sources, the suspect who was shot, Oliver, 43, runs a beauty shop in Central, while the other suspect, Chris, 33, worked as a technician on a golf course.

The Filipino man who was shot was attended by his Filipino friend.