43 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases reported in HK today, bringing total to 453, 16 total cases linked to INSOMNIA BAR in LKF, 2 are domestic helpers


26th March 2020 – (Hong Kong) A total of 43 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases are reported total including 25 women and 19 men aged between 18-78. 29 of them have travel history and 10 of them are overseas students. 1 returned to U.K. from Australia via Hong Kong and the patient is being treated in Hong Kong after developing a. fever. 2 of them are domestic helpers, one of them arrived from the Phillippines while the other went to U.S. with her employer recently. The 448th patient is one of the group tour members in Canada.

Out of the 14 cases with no travel history, 3 more new staff are linked to Insomnia bar in LKF involving a 30-year-old woman, 30-year-old man and 47-year-old man. Total cases linked to Insomnia bar have increased to 16. 4 more are from the musicians’ cluster in a band, 4 others visited Insomnia Bar (Cases 422, 428, 450 and 442 whereas another patient visited Insomnia bar and another bar. Centre for Health Protection is tracking the others who were in close contact with the infected patients.

The band members who work at Insomnia, Dusk Till Dawn and All Night Long bars are under one management company which has 9 bands under them. A musician tested positive earlier also visited Centre Stage bar. They have a total of 120 staff. 16 have tested positive to-date. The others will be sent to designated quarantine centres.

One more employee who works at Cheung Lung Industrial Building in Cheung Sha Wan was infected. He is the 429th case. There are a total of 5 cases out of 6 who work in the same office in the premises. None of them wore masks during work and Case 414, a 46-year-old man who work there has no travel industry.

Meanwhile, there were also 35 people who violated their home quarantine orders yesterday and they were all sent to designated quarantine centre.

Hospital Authority received a total of 210 suspected cases while 441 are still being treated in isolation. A total of 4 patients have been discharged in the last 24 hours. Total patients discharged to-date are 110. 297 others are being treated at 14 public hospitals. 4 patients (Cases 119, 192, 312 and 338) are in critical condition. Patient 291st is in serious condition and the remaining 292 are in stable conditions.