42,000 people have made appointments for vaccination in Hong Kong, 18 general outpatient clinics fully booked (Updated: 11.44am)


23rd February 2021 – (Hong Kong) The Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng met with reporters before attending the executive meeting this morning (23rd). She said that she had received vaccination using CoronaVAC vaccine together with other government officials yesterday. She did not experience any adverse reactions and felt very good. Lam pointed out that as of 9am today, 42,000 people have made appointments for vaccination. The 18 general outpatient clinics under the Hospital Authority are fully booked via online appointments, but the public can still make appointments for vaccination at 5 community centres. She was delighted with the public’s enthusiastic response. She also pointed out that smearing and inaccurate information had been anticipated.

Lam also said that the government will monitor the status of vaccination appointments, especially when Fosun’s BioNTech vaccine arrives in Hong Kong, the vaccination program can be further promoted, and the preparation of private clinics can be accelerated.

Online rumour showing the difference in syringes used when administering SINOVAC vaccine (Top) and BioNTech vaccine (Bottom)

She again refuted the online rumour that government officials including herself were not vaccinated using CoronaVAC vaccine.

Patrick Nip, Secretary for the Civil Service Secretary also pointed out during a radio program this morning that when the online appointment system was launched at midnight, the vaccination time slot at the  Community Vaccination Centre (CVC) run by the Department of Health at the Exhibition Gallery of the Hong Kong Central Library was opened by mistake. A small number of citizens successfully made appointments. The authorities have contacted relevant parties and informed them that they need to make a new appointment.

If there are people who have already made an appointment to the CVC at Hong Kong Central Library today, the doctors and nurses present will vaccinate them. He also said that the CVC originally arranged for more than 200 people from the priority group to be vaccinated.

The appointment system temporarily only accepts SINOVAC vaccination appointments. Citizens must enter their ID number, date of birth, and priority group they belong to, and must select the vaccination centre for the first and second shots and the appointment time. If the appointment is successful, they will receive SMS confirmation. Optional vaccination locations for SINOVAC are at 5 community vaccination centres and 18 general outpatient clinics under the Hospital Authority. The public can browse them during the appointment process. The Secretary for Innovation and Technology Alfred Sit said on a radio program this morning that as of about 8am, 30,000 citizens have made appointments for vaccination.