42-year-old woman arrested in Tuen Mun for illegally filming or observing intimate body parts of acquainted 34-year-old man


19th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) A woman was apprehended by the police on suspicion of secretly filming a 34-year-old man, known to her, and illegally observing his intimate body parts. The incident was reported to the authorities around 10am today.

According to the information received, the woman, identified as Lo (42 years old), allegedly installed a hidden camera in an indoor location on Wo Yi Hop Road in Tuen Mun. Promptly responding to the report, law enforcement officers arrived at the scene to conduct a thorough investigation. Following the inquiry, the woman was arrested for her involvement in what is believed to be the illegal act of filming or observing private body parts without consent. She is currently under detention and the case has been assigned to the Criminal Investigation Team, Seventh Division, of the Tuen Mun Police District for further follow-up.

It has been disclosed that the individuals involved in this incident were acquainted with each other. The nature of their relationship and the motive behind the alleged act remain undisclosed at this stage of the investigation.

The invasion of privacy through unauthorised filming or observation of private body parts is a serious offence that violates personal rights and boundaries. Such actions are explicitly prohibited by law, as they infringe upon an individual’s right to privacy and can cause significant emotional distress and harm.