41-year-old man in Sai Kung suspected of accidental plunge yesterday, floral tribute by neighbours


18th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) A 41-year-old man named Chow tragically fell to his death from the rooftop of Ko Fu Building in Sai Kung. The police investigation suggests that the man accidentally lost his footing and fell from the rooftop. It was discovered by local media reporters that the rooftop of Ko Fu Building had a stone wall approximately 1 meter high, reaching only halfway up a person’s body. The iron railing on the pedestrian path adjacent to the wall displayed signs of impact, potentially caused by the force of the fall. As a mark of mourning, a bouquet of flowers had been placed by the railing.

According to the police investigation, it is believed that the man fell accidentally from the rooftop of the building. The incident took place at around 3.14pm yesterday when witnesses noticed the man lying on the ground at Fuk Man Road in Sai Kung. Upon the arrival of the police and paramedics, the victim was already unconscious and unfortunately pronounced dead at the scene. The deceased worked as a construction worker and resided in Ko Fu Building with his wife.

It was noted that the man’s unit was unlocked at the time, but there were no signs of a burglary. It is known that the man often used the rooftop to air out his work backpack and enjoyed the view from there. The height of the rooftop’s stone wall, approximately 1 meter, corresponds to the location from where the man fell. There were no indications of any debts, personal conflicts, or long-term illnesses that the man might have been dealing with. Moreover, no suspicious elements were found on the rooftop. Consequently, it is believed that the man tragically lost his balance and fell to his death accidentally.

Fuk Man Road