40,052 new local COVID-19 cases reported in Mainland, Chongqing has the most new cases


28th November 2022 – (Beijing) The National Health Commission reported on Monday (28th) that there were 40,052 new local COVID-19 cases recorded in the Mainland two days ago, with 3,748 confirmed cases and 36,304 asymptomatic infections. Chongqing has the most new cases with 9,685 cases while Guangdong has recorded 9,108 more cases. Different measures were implemented in the eastern, central and western districts. Measures such as strengthening traffic control and suspension of business and work will be extended to 12 midnight on the 2nd of December in other areas. The subway, bus, taxi, and online car-hailing service in the central control area of ​​Haizhu District will be suspended, business and work will continue to be suspended while cross-district travel is not allowed. Catering service units will suspend operations and colleges and universities will continue to implement closed management. Classes at primary and secondary schools, and kindergartens will be suspended.

The subway and bus service in the non-controlled area in the western district is suspended while close management will be implemented at all community quarters, urban villages, and industrial parks.

In some areas such as Liwan District, Yuexiu District, and Zengcheng District​ in Guangzhou, the risk level has been lowered since Monday, and temporary control has been lifted. Luochongwei Passenger Transport Station has gradually resumed the operation. The Guangzhou Municipal Transportation Department stated that passengers need to use the green health code and show their 48-hour nucleic acid negative test certificates to take planes, high-speed rail, trains, inter-provincial long-distance passenger vehicles and other means of transportation.