4,000 eligible overseas arrivals allowed to leave DQHs early today to complete their remaining medical surveillance at home


9th August 2022 – (Hong Kong)   Considering the position of Hong Kong as an international financial and commercial centre, including the need to connect with different parts of the world for maintaining various business travels and economic activities, after analysing factors including scientific data and balancing the transmission risks, the Government decided that from 12th August (Hong Kong time), inbound persons from overseas places or Taiwan will be subject to quarantine under the “3+4” model, i.e. they will be subject to compulsory quarantine in DQHs for three days, followed by medical surveillance at home for four days, with multiple tests during medical surveillance and the monitoring period thereafter. They will be subject to Amber Code restrictions under the Vaccine Pass during medical surveillance period, and are not allowed to enter high-risk premises involving mask-off or group activities, as well as other premises requiring key protection, for more targeted management and control of infection risks.

As regards persons who have completed at least three nights of quarantine in DQHs before the official effective date on 12th August (Friday), i.e. persons who arrived at Hong Kong between 3rd and 8th August the Government will arrange for them to leave DQHs in an orderly manner from 9th to 12th August after confirming their negative nucleic acid test results. After leaving DQHs, the relevant persons are subject to medical surveillance at home, Amber Code restrictions under the Vaccine Pass, as well as nucleic acid tests on Day 4, Day 6 and Day 9 if they have already left DQHs on those days. They should also continue to undergo RATs daily.

In accordance with the latest quarantine measures for inbound passengers, the relevant department revealed this evening that about 4,000 eligible passengers were allowed to leave DQHs early today to complete their remaining medical surveillance at home.