400 people came in coaches and cars to destroy and cause ruckus at Lennon Wall Subway in Tai Po


19th July 2019 – (Hong Kong) After the Lennon Wall Subway in Tai Po was replaced with flags from 8 countries three days ago, at around 2am today, 6 coaches carrying 400 people dressed in masks, white and black tops including elderly and kids as young as 10 years old arrived to fix new posters on the walls of the subway.

Men and women in black and white attire arrived near Lennon Wall Subway.
The coaches arrived at around 2am.

Meanwhile, some of them also arrived in cars and some came on foot. They brought wooden ladders, adhesive glue and tools with them. Those in black started to remove the posters and memos on the walls while those in white were responsible for sticking new posters with the faces of pro-democracy Legislative Councillors and activists including Claudia Mo, singer Denise Ho and President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen. Posters of ‘Protect Hong Kong’ were also stuck on walls. There were also around 10 wreaths on stands with posters of their faces too. The giant ‘Lennon Wall Subway’ poster signage was also replaced with ‘END OF LIFE’ poster signage by them.

Wreaths on stand.

The entourage stayed for around 20 minutes under the watchful eyes of volunteers who took care of the Lennon Wall. There was no clash between the two groups.

Police subsequently received report and rushed to the scene. One of the women present did not have any identity documents on her and she was later taken back to the police station. According to sources, those who went to replace the posters included mainland Chinese tourists, students, retirees and also triads.