4 South Asians and 6 Filipinos arrested during illegal bar raid in Central


2nd April 2023 – (Hong Kong) At around 7pm yesterday, the police in Central launched a crackdown on criminal activities and conducted a surprise search of bars in the area. During the operation, they busted an unlicensed upstairs bar at 9 Li Yuen Street West, and seized a large quantity of alcohol and equipment.

In the course of the raid, the police discovered 291 cans of beer, 12 bottles of hard liquor, 13 plastic stools, 11 buckets, 1 ledger, 3 tables, and 1 key. The illegal bar was allegedly run by a 60-year-old Nepalese man, who was arrested on charges of “selling alcohol without a licence” and “keeping alcoholic drinks without a licence for the purpose of selling.”

Apart from the person in charge, the police also detained two other Nepalese men, one Indian man, one Filipino man and five Filipino women, aged between 30 and 50, for “drinking in a place without a liquor license.” Among those arrested was a Filipino woman who was reportedly carrying recognizance paper in Hong Kong. All suspects have been taken into custody for further investigation.