4 new COVID-19 cases reported in Hong Kong today, sources


18th October 2020 – (Hong Kong) According to sources, there are 4 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 today (18th). It is currently unknown how many of them are local infections. As of yesterday (17th), a total of 5,238 confirmed cases have been recorded in Hong Kong.

The Secretary for Food and Health, Dr.Sophia Chan, stated in her blog today (18th) that a total of 116 cases were recorded during the two weeks from 2nd to 15th of this month, of which 54 were local cases or related to local cases, accounting for approximately 53% and several clusters are involved. It is believed that there is still an invisible transmission chain in the community, and there are not many confirmed cases but they have a wide footprint, involving different districts and different types of premises, and the latest virus strain has a stronger transmission power, and the epidemic situation may worsen in a very short period of time. She urged those with symptoms to immediately undergo testing or seek medical attention.