4 gym sales staff in Mongkok arrested for forcing HK$300,000 membership on 4 customers

Picture credit : On.cc

Customs and Excise Department squad investigating unfair trade practices arrested 4  sales staff aged between 21 to 23 from a fitness centre on Nathan Road, Mongkok just now for forcing 4 customers to buy membership programmes valued at HK$16,200, HK$48,000, HK$10,800 and HK$240,000 respectively.  The salespersons were accused of using harassment, coercion or undue influence to sell services to these customers.

The department received complaints recently from the young customers who didn’t come forward earlier as they were threatened by the gym staff. The sales staff used unscrupulous methods by letting potential customers try for free first before luring them to commit to a membership programme which costs a few thousand dollars. Once they have verbally agreed to the amount, they would take their credit cards and coerce them to take on more expensive packages which cost tens of thousands.

The Customs and Excise department reminds consumers to be wary of unlawful sales techniques and to firmly refuse to sign documents if they do not intend to purchase the service. Identity cards and Credit Cards should not be produced before any agreement is signed.