4 drivers charged for illegal racing in August 2020 re-sentenced to 8 months in prison after review by Court of Appeal


9th December 2022 – (Hong Kong) The Court of Appeal of the High Court yesterday (8th) reviewed the sentences of 4 male private car drivers (aged 24 to 40) for the crimes of “illegal racing” and “dangerous driving”, all of them were re-sentenced to 8 months in prison. However, after taking into account the the pleas of a total of 24 traffic crimes, such as “illegal racing”, “dangerous driving”, “speeding”, “driving without third-party insurance” and completion of 200 to 240 hours of social service, the four male drivers were sentenced to immediate imprisonment for 2 months. The Police welcome the sentence of the Court of Appeal and believe that the sentence is appropriate, reasonable and has a deterrent effect. At the same time, it sends a clear message to the public that illegal racing and dangerous driving are serious crimes. Drivers should not participate in illegal racing and defy the law.

The facts of the case show that during the early morning of 30th August, 2020, during an anti-speeding operation on Tsuen Wan Road, police officers from the Traffic Department of New Territories South discovered 4 private cars driving at high speed, and the leading private car was detected by a speed detection laser gun traveling at a speed of 199 kilometres per hour. The police then stopped the four private cars. After preliminary investigation, four male drivers of the private cars were arrested on suspicion of “dangerous driving”, “speeding” and “driving without third-party insurance”.