4 cars damaged during massive fire at Kai Tin Estate car park in Lam Tin


27th March 2023 – (Hong Kong) In the early hours of March 27th, a massive fire broke out in a residential parking lot located in Kai Tin Estate, Lam Tin. The incident was reported around 4.30am when flames and suspected explosions were seen on the third floor of the parking lot, which caused multiple residents to call for help.

Upon receiving the report, the fire department immediately dispatched a team to the scene. The firefighters used a hose and a smoke hood team to extinguish the fire, which took several hours to bring under control. In addition, a search and rescue team was also deployed to assist in the operation.

During the incident, two vehicles parked on the third floor of the parking lot were engulfed in flames, including a seven-seater car and a commercial truck. Unfortunately, both vehicles were destroyed beyond repair. Nearby, a Tesla electric car and a private car were also affected and turned black due to the fire.

The fire department is still investigating the cause of the fire, which has yet to be determined.