39-year-old woman assaulted after allegedly told a female staff that ‘her eyes look scary’ at Energy Plaza in TST East


3rd December 2019 – (Hong Kong) At around 3am today, a 39-year-old South Asian woman was allegedly assaulted outside Energy Plaza on Granville Road in TST East. She fell unconscious before a passerby called the police. Paramedics rushed to the scene and sent her to hospital. According to police investigations, she told a female staff who was working at a night club at Energy Plaza earlier that ‘your eyes are very scary’. The offended woman then summoned three other men to attack her. She was subsequently struck in the head with rods and the case has been classified as assault causing bodily harm.

Moments later, the victim then told media reporters present that she is an ‘international star’ and her boyfriend is a lawyer. Police are currently investigating whether she was attacked after bragging and offending the other woman.

Police are currently investigating the case.