38 year old single mother sentenced to 42 months in jail for having sex with 12 year old boy

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A 38 year old single mother acquainted another 12 year old boy when she sent her 6 year old son to practise Tae Kwan Do at a local training centre in Taipei in 2013. Both of them become lovers and mobile messages such as ‘Baby’ , ‘I miss you’ were sent between them.

One day, the boy decided to leave his home and stayed with her. She then proceeded to seduce him by playing pornographic movies at home. She asked him if he wanted to try having sex and even told him that ‘he would accumulate more experience if he would try having intercourse’. The woman then forced the boy to have sex with her by sitting on top of him. He attempted to resist her during intercourse by pushing her waist but she continued to manoeuvre harder.

The boy then went home and told his father that his penis was swollen after having sex with the 38 year old woman. Feeling aggrieved and disgusted, the father decided to inform the authorities to arrest her. She was charged and initially found not guilty by the local court as there was insufficient evidence in the case to implicate her. The boy sent pictures of his swollen private parts to the woman after the incident and a video of himself dancing in underwear. There was also another selfie video of himself with a recorded message, ‘ I still love you regardless’.

Prosecution decided to appeal to the local High court and she again denied all the charges. The High court reversed the lower court decision and sentenced her recently to 42 months imprisonment as the boy suffered from post traumatic syndrome after sex with the woman. The trial judge found that she engaged in a sexual position which resulted in injury caused to the boy’s genitals without taking into account of his lack of experience. She also failed a lie detector test after the incident.