37-year-old woman looking for job scammed online over HK35,000


27th June 2022 – (Hong Kong) The police received a report from a woman surnamed To (37 years old) at about 11pm last night (26th), saying that she responded to a job advertisement in a job search group on social media earlier to work as online purchasing agent on a shopping platform to promote business to earn commissions. It is reported that To deposited HK$699 into an account designated by the other party as instructed for shopping on the platform, and soon received a commission of HK$755.

To subsequently deposited another HK$35,000 into the designated account. She then lost contact with the other party later, and suspected of being deceived, so she turned to the police for help. After investigation, the police classified the case as “obtaining property by deception” and handed it over to the Criminal Investigation Team of Shatin Police District for follow-up. No arrests have been made so far.