37-year-old Marie Zhuge, wife of Neway heir continues to flaunt her wealth despite company’s financial troubles

    Marie Zhuge and Ernie Suek Ka-lun

    17th January 2021- (Hong Kong) The 37-year-old Marie Zhuge, an actress from Chhina was married to Ernie Suek Ka-lun in 2012. Ernie is the Chairman/Executive Director at Neway Group Holdings Ltd. Ernie receives a remuneration of HK$2,310,000 per annum from the company. Both the Neway heir and his materialistic wife continued to enjoy luxurious lifestyle even though both Neway Karaoke and the company’s subsidiary Star Entertainment (Universe) Ltd are in debts. Ernie’s father Christopher Sit was reportedly not happy with their lavish spending.

    Marie clad in a Chanel top sits near the window of her Penthouse unit at Mid-Levels. Source: Marie’s Instagram
    Marie shows off her 8-carat diamond ring during Ernie’s birthday. Source: Marie’s Instagram

    Marie Zhuge loves to flaunt her jewellery, luxury outfits and bags on her Instagram account. In 2019, there was even rumour that she spent HK$200 million to purchase a 4,000-square-foot penthouse in Mid-Levels. A few days ago, Marie spotted wearing a rare 8-carat diamond ring worth millions. Not only does she love loud designer bags with huge logos, Marie also likes to hashtag every single post of hers with the brand of her attire and bags to make sure everyone know that she is ‘wealthy’.

    Patricians, for example, will almost certainly purchase quiet luxury items as they don’t feel the need to buy loud luxury items that signal to others that they have wealth, although other Patricians will recognise their wealth. They would purchase brands like Brioni which eschews visible logos and focuses on creating pieces of exquisite quality, craftsmanship and beauty. Whereas Parvenus want to signal to others that they have money, so will consume loud luxury goods. An example of a brand they would likely purchase is Fendi, although the house produces both quiet and loud luxury items, the majority of their clothing and accessories feature their iconic double F logo. Loud luxury brands and goods tend to be favoured by the nouveau riche, wannabes, gold diggers along with newer emerging luxury consumer groups such as the HENRYs (High Earners Not Rich Yet). These people have enjoyed an upward shift in socioeconomic status during their lifetime and therefore wish to show it off.

    In November last year, she reportedly spent around HK$1 million on a holiday in Canada with her husband and their sons Arthur and Anderson. They stayed in a luxurious mansion equipped with movie theatre and swimming pool.

    Ernie’s company, Star Entertainment (Universe) Ltd has owed debts since 2018, including being filed for recovery of HK$3 million in licence fees. As for Neway Karaoke, due to the sharp drop in business volume in recent years, the company has been repeatedly sued for rent arrears. Last year, it was accused of owing nearly HK$1 million in copyright fees to record companies such as East Asia and Emperor.

    It was said that the company had to sell its Fanling headquarters to cash out.

    In December 2020,  two karaoke branches of NEWAY in Mong Kok Centre and Causeway Bay were sued by the respective owners at the High Court for rent arrears. Since May last year, rent arrears and miscellaneous expenses of over HK$33.02 million have accumulated. The owners also requested for the two units to be vacated.

    Marie Zhuge was born on 20th August, 1983 in Beijing, China as Noriko Zhuge Yisu. She is an actress and producer and has been married to Ernie Suek Ka-lun since 20th March, 2012. They have one child.

    Marie Zhuge in a DIOR coat. Source: Marie’s Instagram
    Marie Zhuge clad in MIU MIU top. Source: Marie’s Instagram
    Marie with her LV Beanie. Source: Marie’s Instagram
    Marie showing off her GUCCI top and Chanel Bag. Source: Marie’s Instagram
    Marie flaunts her DIOR jacket Source: Marie’s Instagram
    Marie shows off her Louis Vuitton bag in her chauffeur-driven 7-seater vehicle. Source: Marie’s Instagram