37-year-old former TVB Zoey Sham flaunts wealth with Malaysian husband on private jet

    Zoey Sham

    3rd April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Zoey Sham, a 37-year-old Hong Kong former actress, rose to fame after participating in the TVB program “Beautiful Cooking” in 2006. Despite a modest career in the entertainment industry, she later started in a local TVB drama before gradually fading from the limelight after marrying Malaysian businessman Dixon in 2012. Since then, the affluent Mrs. Sham has been known for showcasing her extravagant lifestyle, including luxury travels, high-end cars, designer watches, and branded handbags. Recently, she garnered attention by flaunting her private jet, further fuelling the display of her opulence.

    Zoey Sham, who tied the knot with Dixon in 2012, has embraced the life of a wealthy socialite. Through her social media accounts, she frequently shares glimpses of her luxurious existence, giving her followers an insight into her extravagant world. From first-class travel experiences to renowned cars, designer watches, and high-end fashion accessories, Zoey spares no expense in showcasing her opulent lifestyle.

    In a recent display of wealth, Zoey Sham proudly presented her private jet to her online followers. The images showcased Zoey and her husband dressed in casual attire, with Zoey accessorising her outfit with a Loro Piana Extra Pocket L27 handbag worth HK$24,500 and Roger Vivier diamond-encrusted sneakers priced at HK$11,300. Her ensemble was further complemented by renowned timepieces, a Cartier bracelet, and a Van Cleef & Arpels bracelet, exuding a sense of high fashion.

    The private jet featured in the photos is reported to be a Bombardier Global 7500, with an estimated value of HK$570 million (approximately US$73 million). The cost of chartering this aircraft is a staggering US$16,000 per hour (around HK$125,000). Inside the luxurious cabin, passengers are greeted with opulent decor, state-of-the-art amenities, and even a private suite.