36-year-old worker dies at construction site of the three-runway system at Hong Kong International Airport


30th June 2020 – (Hong Kong) At 2 pm today (30th), the police received a report alleging that two non-Chinese male workers were injured at the construction site of the three-runway system at Hong Kong International Airport in Chek Lap Kok. The ambulance crew arrived and found that one of the 36-year-old male workers had suffered a head injury and fell into a coma.

So paramedics immediately transported him back to the shore by boat, and then arranged for an ambulance to take him to North Lantau Hospital for treatment but he was subsequently certified deceased.

Another 46-year-old worker, who was slightly injured and conscious, was later sent to hospital for treatment. The police are now investigating the incident. It is understood that at the time of the incident, two Nepalese workers were using a drilling machine, during which the roller was suspected to be loose, causing the wire rope to be pulled too tight, and then rebounded before hitting the workers involved. After the accident, a worker’s family member was notified and rushed to the hospital. He was shocked when he learned of the death. Another worker accompanied the injured to the hospital and assisted the police in the investigation. A spokesman for the Labour Department said that after receiving the report, they immediately dispatched personnel to the scene and is now investigating the cause of the accident.

Association for the Rights of Industrial Accident Victims Limited  said that it was very sad about the accident. The staff had rushed to North Lantau Hospital to contact their family members and hoped to provide immediate assistance. The association also said that since August 2019, two fatal industrial accidents have occurred at the airport’s three-runway system, resulting in the death of two workers. They are very angry at the frequent occurrence of engineering accidents and strongly condemn the construction company for failing to protect the safety of workers’ lives.

At the same time, it strongly condemned the Airport Authority (AA)’s poor supervision, which led to frequent accidents. The association also requested the contractor and the AA to make arrangements for the aftermath, to give the family all viable support to help the family to overcome the difficulties, and also requested the Labour Department or the Marine Department to thoroughly investigate the cause of the accident and make the investigation report publicly available. Social supervision is also recommended to avoid the recurrence of similar accidents. On 12th August last year, a bulldozer operator suspected that the bulldozer suddenly lost control at the mud slope near the three-runway system site, the worker fell into the sea and sank together with the bulldozer. The worker was rescued and sent to the hospital. He was later certified dead.