36-year-old male passenger at airport arrested as HK Customs seizes HK$1.4m worth of suspected cocaine


21st April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong Customs intercepted two cases of drug smuggling involving incoming passengers at Hong Kong International Airport. Approximately 1.4 kilograms of suspected cocaine, with an estimated market value of around HK$1.4 million, were seized during the operations conducted on 20th April and 21st April.

The first case unfolded when Customs officers grew suspicious of a 36-year-old male passenger arriving from Montego Bay, Jamaica, via Frankfurt, Germany, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. During the customs clearance process, officers suspected that the passenger had dangerous drugs concealed within his body cavity. Consequently, he was promptly escorted to a hospital for a thorough examination.

Subsequent medical examination confirmed the presence of foreign objects concealed in the passenger’s body cavity, leading to his arrest. As of 3 PM today, a total of 55 pellets, weighing approximately 800 grams, suspected to contain cocaine, have been recovered from the arrested individual.

In the second case, a 37-year-old male passenger arriving from Entebbe, Uganda, via Doha, Qatar, caught the attention of Customs officers during the clearance process. Similar suspicions arose regarding dangerous drugs concealed within his body cavity, resulting in his immediate transfer to a hospital for examination.

Today, following a medical examination, the doctor confirmed the presence of foreign objects concealed within the body cavity of the arrested man. He was promptly arrested, and up to 3pm today, a total of 48 pellets weighing around 600 grams, believed to contain cocaine, have been recovered.