350 full-time positions offered at Ocean Park, job seekers regardless of age or education can apply


31st January 2023 – (Hong Kong) To meet operational needs, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort will hold a large-scale job fair during an “Open Day” on the 2nd of February for the first time in the park, providing more than 600 full-time and part-time positions via on-the-spot interviews. 

Ocean Park has recently announced to recruit around 350 full-time positions urgently. Job seekers regardless of age or education can apply. The management spokesperson of the park also said that the working environment in the park is comfortable, and there are many opportunities for promotion. He also revealed that many employees joined the industry because they like to visit the park, and appealed to job seekers to seize the opportunity to apply.

Among the 350 full-time vacancies currently being recruited, 250 are frontline positions, responsible for receiving visitors. Generally, no special education or technical skills are required while bilingual and trilingual communication is sufficient. Employees can enjoy year-end double pay, medical benefits, etc. and they will also get promoted after 1 year. After joining, and they can also be given priority to try out new activities in the park. After joining the park, employees can also be transferred to other departments such as animal care according to their interests. Ocean Park sets up recruitment booths in the park every Thursday for on-the-spot interviews for job seekers.