35 in Mainland infected with new virus named “Langya henipavirus” discovered in Shandong and Henan

Shrews may be the natural host for the virus

7th August 2022 – (Shandong) Chinese media reported on Sunday (7th) that a team from the Beijing Institute of Microbiological Epidemiology and a team from the National University of Singapore discovered a new virus in Shandong and Henan earlier, named Langya henipavirus. At least 35 people are infected. The virus has been reported to cause lethal disease, and genomic testing suggests that shrews may be the natural host for the virus. The research report was published in the authoritative medical journal “NEJM” last Thursday (4th).

Langya virus belongs to the family Paramyxoviridae, and 26 of the patients had no other pathogens, most of them were farmers. All of them had symptoms of fever, half of them suffered from fatigue, cough, anorexia and leukopenia. At least 35% of them suffered from impaired liver function, and 8% suffered from impaired renal function. In the serosurvey of 25 species of animals, the study found that shrew had the highest seropositivity ratio of 27%, which was presumed to be the natural host of the virus. Dogs and goats were 5% and 2%, respectively.